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Dr. Cristiana Coneru MD 
I would like to share some thoughts with you about how we can transform our wishes in an achieved goal. We all put ourselves wishes when a new year starts. We hope that this year will be different and will bring us the fulfillment of our long craved hidden dreams. In fact the start of a new year is indeed a new beginning, but it is only the beginning of a new chapter. The book of our lives has started many years ago. 
We are all the actors of our own lives but the script is influenced by our own decisions and acts, what we do will reflect in what we will feel, what we feel will reflect in how we will react, and how we react will reflect in what we will do.  
So is a loop starting with a deed and ending with another act. Sometimes we are going in circle years after years because we act, feel, react and act again following the same pattern, we set new wishes but we never seem to fully fulfill our dreams. Someone said that whishing something without acting is just a dream. 
Why we cannot reach the desired destination? 
Sometimes the answer of a complex question is quite simple. We are going on and on in a circle because we use the same pattern, we step on our former foot step. In order to start a new journey you need to make only one step BUT a NEW step. To make this NEW step you need to get out of your bubble, your comfort bubble. 
We are all afraid to step outside of our comfort zone, we feel unsecure, scared and without direction. However without getting out of this comfort bubble we cannot start our journey and obviously we cannot reach the desired destination. Just think about how you can start a journey by train. You need to purchase a thicket first and once you have the thicket you can get on board. Sometimes in our lives we postpone so often to purchase this thicket and then we lose even the last train…and then we start to ask ourselves why we feel stuck…Once you make the first step, you will see the direction to the next one and with each step or each station you get closer to your destination. 
Another aspect we ignore is the simple fact that each destination we reach will lead us to another destination and then to another and so on until our final destination. 
I have learned during my heath coach training that what really matters is the journey and not the destination. Why? Because a proper journey will always lead you to the right destination. 
A couple of weeks ago I have noticed something unusual in the yard of my house: a beautiful rose, a rose bud in the month of January in a very cold winter. The rose bud did not seem to be influenced by the cold environment. I have decided to follow the journey of this “stubborn” rose and I was amazed that the rose did not seem affected by the weather. He enjoyed every pale January sunshine and remained alive and at peace with himself. 
This made me write this lines not only for you but for me too. 
Going outside of our comfort zone can push us outside in full winter but this is our first step
Once we are outside we will see the light of the sun and we will start to have a direction. We are not going to see the full map of our journey as this will reveal itself step by step. Our road may lead us through deep valleys, then up to high hills for a while and then we will need to slide again on other valley, in order to learn how to climb the next hill. We will learn each step of the way as long we will keep ourselves motivated and accountable. Some people are starting this journey and then because they find it difficult to carry on, they find another comfort bubble and start again to move in a circle year by year wondering in vain why nothing really changed. 
Comfort bubbles on the journey of our dreams? 
Yes there are plenty of comfort bubbles on this journey. You need to remember what it was said once that a whish without an action becomes just a dream. 
As soon you step out of the journey pathways into a new comfort bubble you transform your whish in another dream. It will take a lot of courage to break up the comfort bubble and restart the journey again but, no matter what and how many the drawbacks are, you need to find inside of us the motivation either to continue or to start over again, being kind with yourself. 
Being self compassioned is a very difficult task. Maybe it doesn’t sound complicated but in reality you will discover that is one of the hardest things you will ever do. 
We will never find or receive such a MAP because each part of the MAP it will be revealed to us at the proper time once we are ready for a new step. Remember the amazing mountain climbers, they are so brave and full of courage but beside their remarkable courage they have trained themselves for this, preparing both physically and mentally how to cope with many adversities they will find during their climbing. We need to get ready and train our bodies and our minds. Amazingly all the answers will be found…. inside of us! 
But if all the answers are inside of us WHY are we clueless in front of this journey? 
In order to hear ourselves we need stop asking, talking, listening to others and just in peace and with patience to learn how to hear our inner voice.  
Our inner voice is our direct line with our Creator and the one that will help us find our steps and how to prepare for each step in part. 
A missing part from our lives is Spirituality and our connection with God-our Creator. A very useful tool at hand is Prayer. Many people forgot how to pray. They may be very skilled in speaking in public, they can make connections with other people easily but when you ask them about prayer they do not seem very comfortable and it shouldn’t be like this. 
We have lost the skill to listen to ourselves because we forgot how to pray. The only way we can hear our inner voice is through God and only through Him. Our prayer is our private mobile phone we use to speak with God, a conversation that reach the speed of the thought. That’s corect! A conversation! 
A conversation involves at least two people, prayer is a conversation not a monologue. We speak with Him and in change He speaks with us, guiding us every step of the way. 
From all the food in this world the best food is Primary Food, I mean the food that feeds our minds and our souls. Spirituality and Faith is one of the 12 Primary Foods from the Circle of life and we will discuss about each of them in part in the months to come. 
Spirituality involves: Faith, Trust and Faithfulness, those three are connected and interrelated. 
What you need to do? 
make peace with yourself, accept yourself exactly how you are with your ups and downs, don’t judge yourself but rather be kind and compassionate with yourself 
spend more time in prayer and meditation 
be grateful every day 
find the courage to take a leap of faith … and make the first step 
be motivated and take small baby steps 
don’t be discourage of the drawbacks , this is perfectly normal, sometime we are scared and we find a comfort bubble, the big problem is that we hang on this bubble completely forgetting that our place is not there 
be accountable and self compassionate 
be brave, have faith, trust in God and never give up 
enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the way, each step will reveal itself at the right time when you are ready for it 
Coming back to the title of this blog “Like a rose in the snow”… my yard rose is definitely out of its comfort zone. Reaching a destination is not an easy task, we can feel exactly like this lovely rose growing outside in cold, in windy weather with snow surrounding it but drawing its energy from the light, a pale sunlight but feeling so warm for him. 
I do not know what your story is but I need to tell you that I have my own story too and… I have my endless comfort bubbles where I was stuck for years because I was afraid to make one first step. Take the decision to start a new life and to become a better you. 
I will be in touch with you my friend about different medical and nutrition topics and please do not be surprised when I will approach a new Primary Food topic. Remember our souls and our minds need a special food too. 
May God Bless you all! 
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