Partnering with HealthPath Pro 

Dr. Cristiana partners with HealthPath Pro for making supplement and test recommendations. As a patient, you will need an invitation email from Dr. Cristiana in order to be able to sign up in the patient portal. A discount will be applied to all the supplements and tests booked via Healthpath Pro. 
After your appointment via video call in Jane App, Dr. Cristiana will send you an invitation email to Healthpath Pro. This email contains a sign-up button. By clicking on this sign-up button you will be able to set up a patient account with HealthPath Pro and to have access to your personal Patient Portal. 

Ordering supplements 

On the Healthpath Pro platform, Dr. Cristiana has done a selection of high-quality supplements for you. 
In your Patient Portal, you can see the recommended supplements and you can securely order and pay for them. The test results once finalized will be also available to you in your Patient Portal. Healthpath Pro will deliver the supplements at your indicated home address. 
Please note that you are free to buy the supplements elsewhere if you wish, but the supplements recommended to you by Dr. Cristiana have been carefully selected based on the quality of the ingredients and are produced by highly respected and well-renowned supplement producing companies that are recommended by Functional Medicine and Nutrition Therapists worldwide. 

Ordering tests 

On the Healthpath Pro platform, Dr. Cristiana will make recommendations regarding specialized Functional Medicine tests needed to further assess your condition and to get to the root cause of your health problem. 
The tests will be recommended in agreement with you. Please follow the instruction for tests samples collection provided to you in the kit sent to your home. Once you have collected the sample in line with the recommendations provided in the kit you will return the tests per post at the indicated address sent to you together with the kit. 
The turnout of the test results is around 14 working days but may vary from test to test and lab to lab and will be available to you in Patient Portal. Please note that each Lab has its own kit and inside of the kit are step-by-step instructions regarding how to collect the stool sample and how to send the sample back to the lab. Please note that the kits are self-collection kits and from the test to test, you will be requested to collect a sample of saliva, urine, or stool. Depending on the type of Functional Medicine tests recommended and the lab that is processing the tests you will be advised to eat a normal diet prior to the sample collection or you will be indicated to avoid certain foods or to fast a certain amount of hours prior to collect the sample. 
Some tests require discontinuing some medications ex: antibiotics, antifungal, antiparasitic medication, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) with 2 weeks prior to the collection of the sample or to discontinue some medications as laxatives, aspirin, and digestive enzymes with 2 days before the sample collection. 
Please note that you need to discuss with your primary care physician prior to stop or discontinue any medication as in certain situations depending on your medical history it may not be possible to discontinue certain medications. 
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