“A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body” Proverbs 14:30 
“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well” 3 John 1:2 
“We are born with the amazing ability to heal ourselves by reaching an inner balance that will bring our bodies, our souls and minds in a perfect harmony. My mission is to empower and guide you in your healing journey assisting you step by step and providing you with a personalized, evidenced based treatment approach that will help you transform your health and live an empowered and nourished life.” 
- Dr Cristiana Coneru 

Functional Medicine & Functional Nutrition 

William Osler said:” A good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”. 
Functional Medicine is considered by some as the medicine of the future and is a systems-based approach. It is focused on discovering the root causes of medical conditions and the underlying factors that hinder the optimization of health and the healing process. 
It is a patient centered approach when patients and doctors are working in partnership to discover the “why” behind a medical condition. Functional medicine is paying a close attention to patient’s unique genetic and epigenetic make up, to biochemical and physiopathological pathways, lifestyle factors, stress, toxicants and microbiome imbalances that intertwine in an amazing network that are in close connection with the patient condition. 
Functional medicine is first asking “why” something happened instead of “what happened “ and “how it happened”. 
Functional Medicine is looking closely to the antecedents (genetic or acquired factors that increases the risk to a disease), to triggers (various factors that cause the symptoms and signs of an illnesses) and mediators (contributing factors to physiopathological imbalances) all of these playing a key role in the development of disease. A functional medicine doctor focuses in addressing root causes. He spends time speaking to the patient and listening,gathering detailed information in order to discover the triggers and mediators that are responsible for the patient’s condition. Once a functional medicine doctor identifies the root cause of a condition, he develops a unique therapeutic plan personalized to each patient. 
Functional Nutrition is combining the Functional Medicine principles with the Nutrition principles. A key player here is bio-individuality as each patient is unique and the therapeutic approach that fits to one particular individual is not suitable for another. The treatment, nutrition plan and lifestyle changes needs to be tailored to each patient. A cornerstone in Functional medicine is healthy nutrition, lifestyle change, supporting emotional health and empowering the client to take his or her life back. Functional medicine and conventional medicine need to work together for the betterment of our patients. 

Nutrition Therapy 

Nutritional therapy is considered an evidence-based approach focusing on optimizing and improving the patient’s health using personalized nutritional and life style changes and promoting the use of whole foods and specific nutrients as a medicine in treating different health conditions. 
A nutrition therapy approach is important as is treating each patient in a very unique and special way. The therapeutic plans are personalized, addressing in an holistic way the human body, mind, soul and spirit, especially paying close attention to which body systems are under stress and addressing each and every one of them. 
A nutrition therapist is always providing to his patients focused dietary and nutritional support, personalized food lists and meal suggestions to support the patient in his journey to a better health. 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching 

Health coaching uses evidence based conversation skills and techniques focusing on active listening, goal setting, motivational interviewing, high mileage questions and behavioural changes empowering the patient and helping him/her to find answers to questions he/she never asked himself/herself before. This engages the patient in the healing process to achieve sustainable change, discovering his inner values and inner voice, and putting goals into action. An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach has an holistic approach focusing not only on food as nutrition but on nourishing the mind and soul with “primary food”. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition coined a couple key words and expressions in integrative nutrition health coaching: 

We specialise in:  

Gut health 
Hormonal health 
Emotional eating 

We can help you: 

By listening, understanding, guiding, supporting, empowering and motivating you to take control over your life, be in the “driver’s seat” and make positive changes 
Work through procrastination and resistance 
Get back control over your habits 
Bring back in balance your hormonal imbalances 
Guiding you through bio-individual dietary changes and food plans and whole foods tailored to your needs 
Understand the role of a healthy microbiome in supporting your health 
Guiding you through bio-individual physical activity protocols 
Paying attention to your bio-individuality 
Assessing your primary food needs and what nourishing you off the plate using the Circle of life tool as lifestyle factors have a huge impact on physical emotional and mental health 
Discover what work you love and, encourage you to do what you love and love what you do 
Discover the importance of vitamin “L” –vitamin Love and the influence it has on your health and wellbeing 

We can also: 

Offer support with pantry make over 
Help with healthy shopping list for supermarket 
Help you learn how to eat healthy from the very beginning 
Work with busy moms helping them find a healthy life style for them and their children 
Help with diet planning 
Supporting elderly with healthy choices and empowering them (if needed workshops can be organized) 
Offer coaching over holidays seasons 

Working with us you can expect: 

Get over your drawbacks and procrastination 
Accomplish your goals 
Increase you vitality and energy 
Balance your hormones 
Improve your digestion 
Improve your sleep 
Decrease your stress 
Improve your eating habits 
Discover self care and self compassion 
Discover yourself more and learn to listen to your body 
Love yourself, feel great and look great 
Reduce food cravings 
Address food sensitivities 
Improve your microbiome by healthy nutrition choices 
Learn what primary foods are and their role in your life 
Develop basic nutrition skills 
Discover new foods and learning how to incorporate them into your life 

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