We are an online clinic focusing on Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching. 

We are specialized in assessing and treating complex health concerns previously not resolved or treatment resistant. 
Most patients have seen several health professionals in their past and come to the clinic with one or more previous diagnosis or medical opinions and have done several previous tests without seeing a significant improvement in health. We treat a wide variety of conditions helping patients to achieve and maintain a lifelong state of health and wellbeing. 

What we do differently 

We treat you as a whole person and we will meet you were you are. 
Each individual is unique and special but, the health concerns may have many roots accounting for a patient’s symptoms. We look at your current circumstances and concerns paying close attention to your genetic factors, your daily routine, environmental factors and the interrelation and web interconnection between internal and external factors that affects your function as a whole. We take time and patience to understand the complexity of each individual in order to find the answer to the WHY it happened instead of answering to WHAT happened and HOW it happened. 
We identify the antecedents (genetic or acquired factors that increases the risk to a disease), triggers (various factors that cause the symptoms and signs of an illnesses) and mediators (contributing factors to your physiopathological imbalances) that are playing a key role in your concerns as many current conditions are deeply rooted into the past and we address the deficiencies not only from the nutritional point of view, but also from the Primary Food point of view, supporting emotional healing, developing and designing a personalized therapeutic plan for you, including changes in your nutrition and lifestyle. You will not be alone during this healing journey, we will assist you step by step empowering you and supporting you to find the inner motivation to make a life change that will make you feel better and will help you achieve your health goals. 

Why our approach will make a change? 

You are as unique as a fingerprint, but your health concerns may have many roots accounting for one symptom. An incorrect imbalance may create a disequilibrium of many organs and systems and sometimes event worse will affect your body as a whole. 
Your biochemical pathways and your genetics are a blueprint and will influence your healing capacity. We use evidence based approaches, investigations and treatments that will bring your body back to balance. 
Our approach will make a change because we will treat you as a human being, not as a number or a disease. We will support you step by step to bring back to balance your body and your mind. For us the goal of our sessions is helping you to live a vibrant life full of vitality. 

The Two Key Approaches We Use: 


Medicine is an evolving science and new modern investigation methods and revolutionary treatments have been discovered. We live in a medical revolution as never seen before with amazing new technologies and research methods that have completely transformed the face of our medical systems. However despite amazing breakthroughs in research, the conventional medicine world is often not paying attention to the root causes of disease and without knowing the causes of diseases, we cannot get to the bottom of the problems and thus cannot cure the patients effectively. 
William Osler said:” A good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”. Functional medicine is asking first “why” something happened instead of “ what happened “ and “how happened”. 
Functional Medicine is looking closely to the antecedents (genetic or acquired factors that increases the risk to a disease), to triggers ( various factors that cause the symptoms and signs of an illnesses) and mediators (contributing factors to physiopathological imbalances) all of these playing a key role in developing a certain disease. Another key point in digging for the root of illness is the timeline, the patients story placed in time, helping the identification of the potential factors that can provoke or trigger a certain imbalance or health dysfunction. Surprisingly, factors and events from the past, including psychological trauma, can be key factors in a serious current health condition. 
In our practice, we focus on addressing the root cause and spend time speaking with you, listening, and gathering detailed information in order to discover the triggers and mediators that are responsible for your condition. We develop unique therapeutic plans personalized to each patient. 
Functional Nutrition is combining the Functional Medicine principles with Nutrition principles. A key factor here is bio-individuality as each patient is unique and the therapeutic approach that fits one individual is not suitable for another individual so, the treatment, nutrition plan and lifestyle changes must be tailored to each patient in part. We are the most complex of Gods creations, and our bodies were designed with amazing pathways and networks that are in interconnected and interrelated with each other and an imbalance of a certain pathway can have serious consequences on the whole functionality of our bodies. 
It is more and more acknowledged nowadays that lots of disease have the starting point in the gut and that a healthy gut, a healthy nutrition and lifestyle is offering a healthy terrain and a very powerful inner balance. In our practice complementary to the Functional Medicine approach you will receive a personalized nutrition therapy plan, personalized food lists, meal suggestions, handouts, and recipes all included in the appointment consultation fee. 

What We Treat 

Digestive distress and other GI conditions (IBS, SIBO, GERD, celiac, constipation, bloating cramping, parasites, Candida overgrowth ) 
Hormonal imbalances and menopausal transition 
Adrenal dysfunction 
Thyroid dysfunction 
Autoimmune conditions 
Low immunity 
Allergies and food sensitivities 
Skin issues including eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis 
Sleep/non-rejuvenating sleep and insomnia 
Anxiety and stress management 
Brain health and cognitive decline 
Cancer prevention and support 
Chronic fatigue syndrome 
Metabolic syndrome, Diabetes, pre-Diabetes 
Healthy weight and metabolism 
High cholesterol, high triglycerides 
Healthy aging 
Female disorders (PMS, PCOS, menopause, infertility) 
Male disorders (hair loss, infertility) 
Migraines and headaches 
Environmental toxins 
Heavy metal toxins 
Detoxification support 
Multiple chemical sensitivities 
Slowing down aging 
Promoting organ reserve 


Separate Health Coach sessions can be booked. 
Health coaching uses evidence based conversation skills and techniques focusing on active listening, goal setting, motivational interviewing, high mileage questioning and behavioural changes empowering you and helping you find answers to questions you never asked yourself before, engaging you in the healing process to achieve a sustainable change, discovering your inner values and inner voice, and putting the goals into action. 
As Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches we have an holistic approach focusing not only on food as nutrition but on nourishing the mind and soul. We offer individual coaching sessions, 2 sessions per month and two types of programs lengths of either 3 months or 6 months. The length of therapy will be tailored to your needs and your own preferences. 

We specialise in:  

Gut health 
Hormonal health 
Emotional eating 

We can help you: 

By listening, understanding, guiding, supporting, empowering and motivating you to take control over your life, be in the “driver’s seat” and make positive change 
Work through procrastination and resistance 
Regain control over your habits 
Bring back balance to your hormonal imbalances 
Guiding you through bio-individual dietary changes, food plans and whole foods tailored to your needs 
Understand the role of a healthy microbiome in supporting your health 
Guiding you through bio-individual physical activity protocols 
Paying attention to your bio-individuality 
Assessing your primary food needs and what nourishing you off the plate using the Circle of life tool as lifestyle factors have a huge impact on physical emotional and mental health 
Discover what work you love and, encourage you to do what you love and love what you do 
Discover the importance of vitamin “L” –vitamin Love and the influence it has on your health and wellbeing 

We can also: 

Offer support with pantry makeover 
Help with healthy shopping lists for supermarket 
Help you learn how to eat healthy from the very beginning 
Work with busy moms helping them find a healthy life for them and their children 
Help with dietary planning 
Supporting elderly with healthy choices and empowering them (if needed workshops can be organized) 
Offer coaching over holidays seasons 

By the end of our programme you will: 

Get over your drawbacks and procrastination 
Accomplish your goals 
Increase you vitality and energy 
Balance your hormones 
Improve your digestion 
Improve your sleep 
Decrease your stress 
Improve your eating habits 
Discover self care and self compassion 
Discover yourself more and learn to listen to your body 
Love yourself, feel great and look great 
Reduce food cravings 
Address food sensitivities 
Improve your microbiome by healthy nutrition choices 
Learn what primary foods are and their role in your life 
Develop basic nutrition skills 
Discover new foods and learning how to incorporate them into your life 
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