Q: What is Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition? 

A: Functional Medicine is the science focused on discovering the roots of a medical condition and the underlying factors that hinder the optimization of health and the healing process. It is a patient-centered approach when patients and doctors partner to discover the “why” behind a medical condition. 
Each patient is unique and special but there is more than one root behind a medical concern and digging up those roots will enable the healing process to take place faster. Functional Nutrition is combining Functional Medicine principles with Nutrition principles. A key factor is bio-individuality as each patient is unique and the therapeutic approach that fits one individual is not suitable for another, so the treatment, nutrition plan, and lifestyle need to be tailored to each patient in part. 

Q: Do you accept insurance? 

A: No we don’t. We can provide you with a bill/invoice after each appointment and you can submit this to your insurance company for reimbursement if they will accept. Our goal is to provide you the best care and we take time to get to the root of your health concerns, approaching a patient respecting the Functional Medicine principles is a great undertaking as many of our patients are coming with very complex clinical presentations. 
We treat you as a whole person and we will meet you where you are. Each individual is unique and special but the health concerns may have many roots accounting for symptoms. We look at your current circumstances and concerns paying attention to your genetic factors, your day-by-day routine and environmental factors, and the interrelation and web interconnection between internal and external factors that affect your function as a whole. We take time and patience to understand the complexity of each individual in order to find the answer to the WHY it happened question instead of answering to WHAT happened and HOW it happened? 
A contracted doctor is stranded on a pathway to see a large number of patients every day without being able to spend time with their patients during the appointment and get to the root of the problem. We all wish to be treated with consideration during a medical appointment and not to feel rushed and not listened to. Renouncing this pathway allows us to dedicate more time and get the whole picture of the problem and more importantly getting to know and understand you in order to be able to support you in this healing journey. 

Q: What is Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching? 

A. Health coaching uses evidence-based conversation skills and techniques focusing on active listening, goal setting, motivational interviewing, high mileage questions, and behavioral changes empowering the patient and helping him to find answers to questions he never asked himself before, engaging the patient in the healing process to achieve a sustainable change, discovering his inner values and inner voice and putting the goals into action. An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach has a holistic approach, focusing not only on food as nutrition for our bodies but on nourishing the mind and the soul. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy? 

A: Prior to your appointment we take time to review your Medical Questionnaire and prepare your visit in order to efficiently assist you during your appointment and to best serve your health needs. We ask you to notify us 48 business hours in advance. For each late cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged. The cancellation fee is 10% of the appointment fee. 

Q: What if I cannot attend on that day? 

A: We will offer you another appointment at a convenient date for you as per our appointment availability. 

Q: Are you working only with sick patients? 

A: In our Functional Medicine Clinic we are working with patients that have serious and complex medical conditions but we can support anyone who is seeking to improve their general health, find a healthier way to live. lose/gain weight and reduce the effects of aging. All you need to do is to book an appointment to our Integrative Nutrition Health Coach clinic. Plus you can sign up for our newsletter to join our wellness community and we will notify you via email about upcoming programs designed to support your health. 

Q. Do you offer phone and video appointments? 

A: Yes we are an online clinic and our appointments are offered via telemedicine video call only. 
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