1. Become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

If you have a passion for health and wellness and wish to turn your passion in a new career to help other people take their life back then Institute for Integrative Nutrition Certification Program may be the perfect one for you! 
During your training with IIN you will have the great privilege to learn from prominent personalities in the medical and integrative nutrition field, that are inspiring leaders renowned worldwide. IIN is the largest nutrition and health coaching school in the world, changing lives for nearly 30 years, with more than 100.000 students and graduates in 175 countries. 
What you will learn: 
More than 100 dietary theories 
Key nutrition concepts and the latest data in the nutrition science 
Foundational coaching skills 
IIN core concepts like bio-individuality, primary food (what nourish you off the plate), no-one-size fits all and how to integrate these values in your coaching practice 
A variety of topics in nutrition and nutrition science 
That achieving optimal health is not just about the food on the plate but also about what nourishes you and your mind 
Business building skills to help you start a successful coaching business 

Have a look at IIN curriculum and get started! 

For me IIN is not just a nutrition school, it has started as an eye-opener, completely transforming my vision about life and health and as I have progressed in my training, IIN became a mission to spread a ripple effect around the world, to improve the health of the people and bring smiles on their faces. 

2. Become a Functional Medicine Specialist 

If you wish to stand out and really practice medicine differently focusing more on the patient than the disease then it is time to discover what Functional Medicine is. 
The main problem of our modern medicine is that we as clinicians are focusing more and more on quick fixes, giving a tablet to sort the problem for now. There are no quick fixes for complex conditions. This requires lots of patience, faith, and confidence. In my search for my own answers not only for my patients but for my own crippled health I have discovered that Functional Medicine can help both me and my patients get back our health and lives. 
Functional Medicine University thought me to think in a different way, as the clinical picture of a very sick patient, having a long-standing complex or chronic condition rarely will match my medical text books from my medical school. 
Functional Medicine University offers a rigorous educational program that is designed for busy professionals. 
You will learn to 
Combine advanced laboratory testing with conventional medicine looking at the cause of the condition 
Carefully listen to your patients, motivating them and empowering them 
Treat people as a whole person looking not only at the body but at the mind and spirit 
Help more people get their life and wellness back even after years of health problems 
Reverse stubborn and resistant to treat conditions 
Teach patience healthier habits and lifestyle 
What you will get by training with Functional Medicine University 
Well-organized systematic reviews and advanced practical details 
Famous instructors that care about your success as a clinician 
Step by step tutorials, written manuals, audio materials, handouts 
A detailed guide about how to run your business 
Access to functional medicine forum that addresses in-depth both diagnosis and treatment options 
Access to amazing webinars 
Accredited continuing education units 
Lots of free resources and materials 

3. Become a Nutrition Therapist 

If you wish to develop a sound nutrition knowledge then Nutrition Therapy is the right pathway to follow. 
It is not easy to decide where to study nutrition but, when it comes to training in nutrition you need to choose the right college. 
CNM offers you the chance to become a successful nutrition therapist. 

Why CNM  

Is Nr.1 training provider in Natural Therapies in UK 
Very good reputation in Europe and internationally 
Provide evidence-based nutrition training 
Excellent lecturers that practice as nutrition professionals themselves 
Offers hundreds of practice hours in the college nutrition clinics, helping you develop the practical skills and get the confidence and experience required to practice as a successful practitioner. 

What you will learn  

You will develop a sound knowledge in biomedicine and evidence-based nutrition 
You will learn how to identify, evaluate, and address nutritional deficiencies 
You will learn to assess what body systems are under stress and to master a personalised nutrition plan unique and tailored to the patient 
You will learn how to support different health conditions and to implement dietary, nutrition, and lifestyle changes 
You will learn how to prevent, optimise, and sometimes reverse chronic conditions 
You will develop your skills in motivational interviewing and in supporting your patients in achieving their goals by working along with other healthcare professionals 
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